In the Plasma4Food network, companies and research institutes from 9 federal German states are currently working together.


automation & software Günther Tausch GmbH, Neubrandenburg

As an engineering firm and manufacturer for industrial automation technology and special machinery, the automation & software Günther Tausch GmbH supplies customized complete solutions from a single source – from the consultation, design, and development to project planning and implementation. Core competencies important for the network include above all the development of automated handling, equipment handling, and conveyor systems, the construction of prototypes (application specific systems or equipment components) and the know how in SPS programming for the control and monitoring of systems as well as the development of application software (user interfaces).

Contact: Günther Tausch

BÄRO GmbH & Co. KG


Beewair Distribution GmbH, Freiburg im Breisgau


Camfil KG, Reinfeld

Committed research, innovative development, and uncompromising quality control – with this claim, the Camfil KG with headquarters in Reinfeld develops and distributes trend-setting product solutions for air filter systems and clean-room technology. For more than 46 years, the company has been providing contributions to optimally secure air quality for humans, the environment, and industry. Founded in 1967 as a German subsidiary of the Camfil group of today, with the high turnover air filter market in Germany, the Holsteiner company is considerably involved in the international leading position of its parent company. Thus, the global player with head offices in Swedish Stockholm is distinguished by product development and manufacturing at 25 locations as well as a dense distribution network over all the continents. Combating microbiological contaminations in the food industry and thus improving the quality of foodstuffs is the main focus of the company.

Contact: Lars Sandte

First Sensor AG, Berlin


Contact: Thomas Sichting

HygCen GmbH, Schwerin

Contact: Monika Feltgen

Jürgen Löhrke GmbH, Lübeck


Contact: Jürgen Löhrke und Martin Löhrke

neoplas control GmbH, Greifswald

neoplas control GmbH develops and distributes highly sensitive measuring systems for in situ concentration measurements and monitoring in gas and plasma processes such as for the extractive emission measuring with high temporal resolution (µs range) and sensitivity percentage up to the ppt range. Further important fields of application are decontamination, ultrafine cleaning, and activation of sensitive surfaces by means of the atmospheric pressure plasma sources distributed by neoplas control GmbH.

Contact: Henrik Zimmermann

ROSOMA GmbH, Rostock


Contact: Gerhard Langpohl


TIGRES develops and produces high quality equipment for the pretreatment of surfaces with nonthermal plasmas at atmospheric pressures. The company is both a supplier of standard systems as well as a developer of special solutions. The supply range encompasses systems for sheeting (foils, plastics, and metals), parceled goods, and special systems. TIGRES has R&D experience in the plasma treatment of seeds and spices and know-how in food technology. "Plasma-BLASTER-jets", developed by TIGRES Dr. Gerstenberg, feature an open plasma with low temperatures.

Contact: Berrin Küzün

YOUSE GmbH, Berlin & München

YOUSE GmbH assists companies and research networks with the development of user-friendly, successful innovations from the creation of ideas about concepts and the testing of the products to market introduction. Through an early concentration on the desired products and properties, the costs of the innovation process are lowered and market potential is increased. In addition, acceptance barriers can be dismantled through the communication of benefits relevant in the eyes of the client or through the proper placement of information. Special significance is assigned to this topic in the sector of plasma treatment in the food sector since particularly here, due to the novelty of these applications, neither the advantages nor any drawbacks are known. This can be counteracted by so-called "user-centered design".

Contact: Dr. Sebastian Glende

Research facilities

Fraunhofer-Institut für Verfahrenstechnik und Verpackung IVV, Freising


Contact: Joachim Wunderlich, Dr. Peter Muranyi

Hochschule Neubrandenburg

Contact: Prof. Dr. Leif-Alexander Garbe




Contact: Dr. Bernd Grünler, Dr. Arnd Schimanski

Leibniz-Institut für Agrartechnik und Bioökonomie e.V. (ATB)


Contact: Dr. Oliver Schlüter

Leibniz-Institut für Plasmaforschung und Technologie e.V. (INP Greifswald)



Contact: Dr. Jörg Ehlbeck, Uta Schnabel

We cooperate with the following institutions:

BalticNet-PlasmaTec e.V. (BNPT), Greifswald
Bio-Security Management GmbH, Bönen
Danish Technological Institute, Taastrup



Ege University, Izmir/Turkey

Ege University is a public university founded in 1955 in Izmir/Turkey. It is the first university to start courses in Izmir and the fourth oldest university in Turkey. Ege University commonly ranks close to the top among research universities in Turkey. Ege University currently consists of 14 faculties, 9 institutes, 7 high schools (with 4 years of curriculum), 9 vocational training schools (with 2 years of curriculum), and 28 research and application centers. It has more than 50 000 students and 3 000 academic staff.

Food Engineering Department is one of 9 departments in Engineering Faculty, Ege University. The Department is composed from Food Science and Food Technology Departments with 46 academic staff and more than 900 students. In the Department, the studies are performed on preservation of foods from raw material to products, development of new and improved techniques in food processing, production of safe and high nutritional value foods and production of new foods from high nutritional value food wastes. In the Department within the ongoing international projects, there exist EU FP7, COST, international partnership projects and Erasmus Mundus projects.

The Department has been accredited and awarded EUR-ACE® label, which is a European quality label given to high quality engineering degree programmes in Europe and abroad.


FlandersFood, Brüssel



Foodprocessing-Initiative e.V., Bielefeld

For the production of safe, healthy and sustainable food various skills are required. With new, innovative products and processes, the markets of the future will be successfully developed. Only then the sustainability of the leading food industry is secured.

Food-Processing Initiative (FPI) is the network of food producers, technology suppliers and scientific institutions, which helps companies to overcome the challenges and exploit the opportunities in the markets successfully.

FPI provides access to knowledge, partners, solutions and markets. The FPI network creates a trusted communication framework, combines the skills of the food industry, the supplier industries and research institutions and provides solutions for success on the markets of the future.

Contact: Beate Kolkmann

Frankenförder Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (FFG), Luckenwalde



Netzwerk Foodservice-Produktentwicklung, Waldesch
Packaging Excellence Center (PEC), Waiblingen
Rechtsanwälte für Lebensmittelrecht Krell Weyland Grube, Gummersbach
Surface Brasil, Campinas/Brasilien

Surface is, in essence, a company that has innovation in its DNA. Pioneer in plasma surface treatment in Brazil, is able to offer simple and smart solutions to issues from different types. Our business: development of solutions with high performance in surface pretreatment to different materials. We have technical capacity to produce special equipment to custom applications.


Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research, Wageningen

Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research is the contract R&D organisation for innovation in the areas of healthy and sustainable fresh food and biobased products.
Working closely with industry, governmental authorities and other knowledge institutes, Food & Biobased Research builds on the science of Wageningen University to develop creative solutions for sustainable and profitable growth.
National and international clients and partners in the public and private sectors choose Food & Biobased Research because it is professional, provides innovative market-oriented solutions, and has a high scientific standing.

Contact: Bruno Bellotti

Plasma4Food is open for new members that would like to contribute to the development of practical solutions.